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The project “Think globally – Volunteer locally” is a mobility of youth workers – training course that will involve 32 youth workers, youth leaders and trainers from North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Latvia, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and Slovenia.

Active citizenship involves volunteering as a tool for individual and societal progress. Volunteerism lets people and communities participate in their own growth. As an important tool of active citizenship, volunteerism can make an impact on the community. Not only that volunteerism is socially useful, but it is also useful for the individual. By volunteering, young people can benefit their career prospects, it can help them gain experience and skills required for the professional turn they are considering taking. Community service can provide them with the chance to improve their skills important for a workplace, such as communication and organizational skills, teamwork, planning, problem-solving and task management. Young people could first merely try out an attractive career through volunteering before leaping to a long-term commitment and have the competencies to enter the labour market. However, many young people do not identify things that have taken part in as volunteering as well as are not informed about the benefits of volunteering and what can they gain from it.

The implementation of this project will contribute towards promoting volunteerism among young people, making them more aware of the diversity of volunteering opportunities that exist today as well as the countless benefits they provide for personal, social and professional development.

The training course as mobility activity of the project will provide youth workers with tools, information and resources that can help them to make young people aware of the diversity of volunteering opportunities that are available for them.

The non-formal methodology will be used during the implementation of the training course that will include various experiential learning methods such as: icebreakers, group discussions, work in pairs and small and big groups, interactive role-play, presentations, simulations, energizers. daily evaluations, etc.

Локација: Крушево

Период на реализација: 2023 година